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IdaBee Silicone Jewellery started with a wish for a colourful piece of jewellery that would please my eye and be friendly to my little man aged 3 months at the time. I looked near and far but couldn’t really find exactly what I wanted.
I found a stockist and started with a few beads in different colours, and IdaBee Milla BlueRise (now redesigned to IdaBee Famke BlueRise, and has also undergone a bit of colour change for Spring 2016) was created. I loved doing it, and created a few more.
When a local asked for this kind of jewellery, I showed her what I had and sold my very first necklace. That was the beginning of IdaBee, and the dream of creating a brand and making it safe and accessible.
From only making mumma necklaces, I have evolved to include childrens sensory necklaces and teethers certified to comply with the Australian Toy Standards, something I put at top priority – the safety of our little ones.
I am also a stockist of beads and offer DIY silicone beads and wholesale!

I love what I do, from designing my necklaces, to hand making them, to do markets all over Perth, to just look at the gorgeous colours. A world of colour makes the day much better! And I love being able to have my little man around me at all times, and my daughter Ida.

All IdaBee Silicone Jewellery are:

  • Made with 100% non toxic food grade silicone soft to touch
  • Free from BPA, phthalates, cadmium, PVC, latex and lead
  • Odourless
  • Bacteria resistant
  • The cord is made of strong nylon, and comes with a safety clasp for easy release when tugged
  • Pressure damage on the silicone will usually go back within 24hrs. Always check jewellery before wear, discard if damaged.
  • Easily adjusted to shorter length by redoing the knot. Make sure you tie a strong knot, and that both sides are the same length before cutting off the excess cord. Need help? Always here for a chat!
  • Washable with warm soapy water, let it dry on a towel or pat dry
  • Our teethers are made with silicone beads and natural beech wooden teething rings. They are tested and certified to comply with the Australian Toy Standards AS/NZS 8124. 

IdaBee necklaces comes in a pouch. This is to ensure the product comes to you in a clean state, as it leaves our creative space. I believe in re-using packaging, so the little pouch is great to store little things, like hair elastics, pins, coins, use it as a travel pouch for make up pads, q-tips etc.

Please give your necklace a thorough wash before use.

We are a fully insured business.

IdaBee necklaces are NOT A TOY.Ages 3y+


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